Seeking 'Korea as a Whole'

On April 27th, 2018, there was a historical moment in which the leaders of both Koreas shook hands. Ever since the US-North Korea Summit occurred on June 30th, 2019, inter-Korean relations have been undergoing some unprecedented changes. However, South Korea is currently taking a step back and watching the movements of the great powers. We often propose two reasons when we talk about inter-Korean issues and reunification of Korea. First is the ‘nation’ discourse, that we are the people of Korea (Han-minjok). By exercising the right of people’s self-determination, a compulsory provision under international law, a nation can decide their own politics, society, or culture. The second reason is

When Covid-19 Meets the Spirit of Baekdusan

Covid-19 is attacking the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is strategically responding with an all-terrain lockdown. Following the declaration of the National Emergency Control System at the end of January, it was reported that schools have taken a vacation since February 20th. It turned out that daycares, kindergartens, elementary schools, semi and advanced junior high schools (junior high and high schools), and local universities throughout North Korea have been on vacation for a month since the 20th. This is a measure that neither SARS (2003) nor MERS (2015) had. In other words, Covid-19 has been especially accepted as a serious crisis. Last year, North Korea drew a blank as a result of a ‘N

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