The “North Korean Issue” vs. “Reunification Issue”

Protesters in the streets of Seoul after North Korea carried out hydrogen bomb tests, picture from The Daily Mail It is common knowledge that China considers North Korea and its nuclear proliferation as two separate issues. Although China is actively involved in the UN sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, it continues to recognize the geostrategic value that North Korea brings to China’s national interests. As such, China’s actions are firmly rooted in its national priorities, making a clear distinction between the North Korean state and its nuclear weapons capacity. Despite the ongoing UN sanctions on North Korea, in May China welcomed Ri Su-yong, vice chairman of th

Damage Recovery Measures for North Koreans in Unified Korea

On May 3 2016 Donald Trump was confirmed as the Republican presidential nominee and is now the President Elect of the United States. Trump gained attention for asserting Monroe Doctrine beliefs towards Korea, Japan and European allies. Since America’s first president, George Washington, there has existed the opinion that there should not be permanent alliances with other nations. James Monroe, the fifth president of the USA, declared independence in foreign policy through what was later coined the Monroe Doctrine. Trump’s isolationism is nothing new to the USA. If the USA were to adopt isolationist policies and deal with North Korea through pressuring China, the sudden change due to pressure

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