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NKR acknowledges that the peer review plays an integral role in upholding a scholarly record and maintains that journals must provide transparent policies for peer review to be read by the subscribers and the readers.

Read our Publication Ethics Guidelines Here

All manuscripts are subjected to a double-blind peer review performed by at least 2 outside reviewers based on NKR's standards and careful consideration is given to:

1. Research Question and Methodology,
2. Originality and Academic Contribution,
3. Structure and Logic of the Argument,
4. Appropriateness of Related Sources and Materials, and
5. Completeness of the Manuscript.

NKR’s review regulations divide the peer review decision into three categories; Publish, Revise, and Reject. Criteria for each of these categories is as seen below.

1. Publish: A manuscript that fulfills all of the five review standards as listed above. Such a manuscript that is found during the reading to be in need of only minor rewordings or revisions.
2. Revise: A manuscript that fails to satisfy one of the five standards and requires partial or general revision. Should this manuscript, upon editing, address these shortcomings, then it shall be publishable.
3. Reject: A manuscript that fails to meet most of the journal’s publication standards and the issues may not be addressed without a complete rewriting of the manuscript


Reviewers are expected to give their scholarly opinion on the manuscript by filling out the NKR peer review form that details the above guidelines. The review process typically takes between 6 weeks and 3 months.


All peer review practices will do their best to adhere to COPE's best practices for peer review as pertain to NKR double blind peer review.

Submission Deadlines

15 DEC

Submission for the Spring Issue

31 MAR

Publication of the Spring Issue

15 JUN

Submission for the Fall Issue

30 SEP

Publication of the Fall Issue

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