Fall 2019



Learning to Share? A Cold War Solution for Denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula

Daniel Connolly and Alexander M. Hynd

Kim Jung-Un's Change of Stance: North Korea's Rapprochement for Peace in 2018

Annisa Pratamasari

The More Avid Historian? A Comparison Between Kim Jong-Il's and Kim Jong-Un's Uses and Usage Rates of the Korean War as a Heuristic in KCNA, 1998-2018

Dan Aum

A Cautionary Report: Resilience of the U.S.-ROK Alliance During the Pro-North Korea Engagement Era of Progressive Rule in South Korea

David Shin


The Prisoner's Dilemma and the U.S.-DPRK Summit in Vietnam

Liang Tuang Nah

North Korea's Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Program

Tai Wei Lim

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