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The 1st NKR Conference for North Korean Studies videos are finally available!  


Session 1: Robert Winstanley-Chesters (Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge & Visiting Fellow, Leeds University)


Uncovering a North Korean Resource History: Mineralogical Narratives of the Captured Documents Collection









Session 1: Sungwoo Lee (Research Fellow, Korea Maritime Institute)


Plans for Activation of Port Rajin Connecting the Northern Logistics Market









Session 2: Alon Levkowitz (Professor, Bar Ilan University)


Dancing the Waltz with Pyongyang and Tehran in the Six and 5+1 Party Talks











Session 2: Andrew O'Neill (Professor, Griffiths University)


Deterrence, Reassurance and the North Korea Nuclear Challenge










Session 2: Andrew Scobell (Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation)


How Does China Signal Its Discontent to North Korea?










Session 2: Christoph Bluth (Professor, University of Bradford)


The Trajectory of the North Korean Nuclear Programme and the Risks of "Strategic Patience" vs. "Arms Control"










Session 3: Bernhard J. Seliger (Resident Representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation in South Korea)


A Comparison of "Old" Rason and "New" Hungnam Zones











Session 3: Francis Schortgen (Professor, University of Mount Union)


The Paradox of North Korea's Economic Backwardness











Session 3: Virginie Grzelczyk (Professor, Aston University)


Globalization and Capitalism in North Korea: Myth or Reality?









Session 4: Sarah Son (Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Oriental and African Studies, London)


Making Friends with North Korea: New Readings of "Friendship" in IR Theory and the Pursuit of Ontological Security










Session 4: Rajaram Panda (Former Senior Fellow & Cluster Coordinator, ISDA, New Delhi)


India and North Korea: Are they Friends if not Foes?










Session 4: Balazs Szalontai (Professor, Korea University)


Small-Power Diplomacy in Northeast Asia: Mongolian-North Korean Relations during the Cold War, 1953-1989

Session 4: 












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