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General Information

North Korean Review publishes two issues per year, one in spring and one in fall. Issues are published at the end of March and September.

  • Authors wishing to appear in the spring issue must submit their articles for consideration by December 15.

  • Those wishing to appear in the fall issue must submit their articles for consideration by June 15.

Peer review may take up to six weeks. Online access to issue articles may take up to two months following publication depending upon the schedule of the online access provider.


NKR welcomes policy-oriented articles (up to 7,000 words) and short papers, commentaries, and cases (up to 4,000 words) on relations between North Korea and other countries. Papers about economics, business, culture, history, politics, international relations and other academic disciplines are accepted for consideration.


To submit an article for possible publication in NKR, please submit your paper as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to the editor. Authors will receive an email confirmation when their articles are received.


For further details about preparing an article and formatting files, please refer to the style guide on the right.


Submit all manuscripts and editorial inquiries about NKR to:

Lonnie Edge
Yonsei Institute of North Korean Studies
Kim Dae Jung Library
#302, 5-26 Sinchon-ro 4 gil, Mapo-gu
Seoul 121-818
South Korea


Book Reviews

NKR publishes short summaries of all books received and complete reviews of
selected books. Authors and/or publishers interested in having a summary or review of a North Korea–related book appear in our journal should send a complimentary copy to the book review editor.


In addition, an unfortunate fact of the field of Korean studies in general is that there is a gap between scholars from different countries created by problems of Korean language ability or lack thereof.


Accordingly, NKR shall also, on occasion, consider for publication reviews written in English of North Korea–related books published not only in Korean but also Japanese, Chinese, and Russian languages.


​Completed reviews (up to 2,500 words) should be sent to the book review editor Bernhard Seliger ( and cc’d to the managing editor, Lonnie Edge (


Books currently available for review are:

Submission Deadlines

15 DEC

Submission for the Spring Issue

31 MAR

Publication of the Spring Issue

15 JUN

Submission for the Fall Issue

30 SEP

Publication of the Fall Issue


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Call for Blog Entries

NKR also welcomes, for its blog, articles related to the relations between North Korea and other countries. The size of the article should not exceed 2,000 words and be focused on a specific and preferably current topic. All articles should be sent  to the managing editor, Lonnie Edge (

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