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The North Korean Economy, and it's Future: Change vs. the Status Quo


27th September 2019, George Washington University USA




The first North Korean Economic Forum Conference hosted by the GW Institute for Korean Studies and the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, will focus on Kim Jong-un’s “new strategic line” in response to export sanctions imposed on North Korea by the UN Security Council. The conference will be divided into three main sessions. The first session will focus on North Korea’s changing monetary system and will examine its likelihood in opening up to inter-Korean economic cooperation. The second session will revolve around North Korean leadership in dealing with the sanctions imposed by the UN and its security dynamics. The final session will cover the top-down economic policies and strategy.




17th Asia Pacific Conference: Governance in the Asia Pacific: Politics, Economics, Business and Environment


30th November-1st December 2019, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan




The 17th Asia Pacific Conference hosted by the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University presents its theme as “Governance.” The conference will cover governance related to peacebuilding and human rights, regionalism and globalism in international trade national and institutional cultures of governance, governance and future studies, and more.




APISA Conference


24th-25th October 2019, Bangkok Thailand




The Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), the Center of ASEAN Community Studies (CACS), Naresuan University, and the Faculty of Social Sciences will host the Asian Conference on Human Security, Multiculturalism, and Democracy at Bangkok, Thailand. The conference will discuss the importance of democracy and human security divided into seven sections: economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, community security, and political security. The conference hopes to pursue peace among Asian countries and secure basic forms of human security and also cover the growing presence of multiculturalism.




New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYRCAS) 2019


4th-5th October 2019, New York USA




SUNY New Paltz and the New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS) will host the 2019 NYCAS conference focused on the theme of “Movement.” The conference will examine the influence of how changes to the economic, political, and ecological systems affect other factors such as the rise of populist nationalism, the growth of new religions, or the sharing of music and art on social media.




Regional Security Complex in Asia: Political and Military Dimensions


10th-11th 2019, Lublin Poland




The conference aims to analyze the regional security system along with the multilateral security processes in Asia while highlighting the military and political dimensions. The conference plans to highlight security threats and challenges within Asia along with how the Asian countries could deal with such impending threats to secure peace and stability.


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