Chongryon’s Assimilation to Japan

Adapting to another culture which is outwardly hostile toward one’s home country is a complex and identity-conflicting task. Any and all exchanges as an act of international diplomacy between the two representative leaders are scrutinized, analyzed in national media portraying the other as a volatile and unpredictable agent, and the respective individual often becomes the subject of blatant discrimination in the host community. These are the challenges faced by the 150,000 Koreans residing in Japan that identify with North Korea, officially known as The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan. Otherwise referred to as Chongryon, this community is a part of the second largest ethnic

Struggle for Power: A Theory on Post-Kim Jung-un North Korea

On May 3, Kim Jung-un made his first appearance in close to a month by attending a ceremony at the newly completed fertilizer factory in Sunchon. [1] During his 20 day absence, the rumor mill surrounding the reclusive leader's health churned. Rumors ranged from Kim recovering after undergoing cardiovascular surgery in North Korea to reports of Kim Jung-un’s death following complications from surgery. [2] While the outside world may never know what happened during Kim’s 20 day absence, the rumors raise a critical question for analysts: What would a post-Kim Jung-un North Korea look like? Without a clear successor named for Kim Jung-un, there is likely to be a power struggle within the u

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