The G2 Snare: Stagnation of the North Korean Nuclear Issue and the Demand for South Korean Leadershi

Cha Jung-mi Researcher Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies The Gap in US/China Perception and Strategy regarding North Korea…. The limitation of concrete transition strategy co-operation as evidenced by ‘Co-operative Declarations’ of a common ‘Anti North Korean Nukes’ stance The 7th Us China Strategic Economic Dialogue held in June saw China and the US express their opinion that ‘a path of simultaneous nuclear and economic advancement could not be successful’, contrary to the hopes of North Korea. However, at the end of last May, following the trilateral US/Japan/Korea summit, where the strengthening of the sanctions regime on North Korea and the need for China’s active participation

Our Wish? A Painless Reunification

Kwon So-young Researcher Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies This year marks the 15 year anniversary of the June 15th declaration which resulted from the summit between President Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong Il. The two leaders have now passed on but the joint declaration may be remembered as the historic seminal event where the desire for peace and reunification produced a concrete vision in the preparation for a constructive reunification. Among the five articles of the declaration, the first says, “The reunification of South and North is an issue for the Korean race to come together and join hands to resolve in an independent manner.” Also significant, the second states, “We admit th

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