Human Rights law and North-South Relations

At the dawn of 2015, numerous predictions for the North-South Korean relationship have appeared. Some expect improvement in the relationship while others remain negative as long as North Korea’s risky military adventures such as nuclear tests and missile launches continue. However it is difficult to provide a single prediction. The North-South Korean relationship is extremely sensitive to specific events that happen unexpectedly. To point out the determining factor of North-South relationship of 2015, ‘Legislation of North Korean human rights law’is therefore critical. The reason is simple. The legislation that South Korean politics, especially the Blue House and the ruling party, are strong

“ The 2015 Great War for Unification ” and Cyber Warfare

The late 20th century has been rife with numerous speculations and conjectures in interpreting Nostradamus’s predictions. Among his predictions, there appears a story about four monstrous creatures with horns on their heads. One of Nostradamus’s predictions states that the four monstrous creatures with horns on their heads will appear and captivate children all over the world. However, at the end of the 20th century, this monstrous creature neither appeared nor ate the children. Then what is the identity of these four monstrous creatures? Many sneered at the possibility raised by some that the four monstrous creatures are actually Teletubbies. Although one of Nostradamus’s predictions of the

The Implications of Changes in Cross-Strait Relations on North Korea - South Korea Relations

Cross-Strait relations have rapidly improved in the last 8 years, involving President Ma Ying-jeou’s inauguration in 2008. The Chinese government welcomed Ma’s victory, hoping this would decrease Taiwan’s independence claims and form the basis for the resumption of Cross-Strait discussion. Ma Ying-jeou’s presidency restored the three links, including the commencement of direct flights. Furthermore, Ma’s “three no’s” policy on no unification, no independence and no use of force, enabled Cross-Strait relations to be stabilized, and the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) was signed by the two governments in 2010. This brings up the question: why did the preceding President Chen Shu

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