Korean Reunification from a Legal Perspective

After taking office, Park Geun Hye has expressed the government’s strong will towards unifying the two Koreas through the Dresden Declaration, and has inaugurated a special reunification committee for establishing practical, detailed reunification plans. As she engages with Kim Jong Un’s unstable reign over North Korea, expectations of reunification are increasing. If unification happens suddenly, social integration will become one of the main issues and hence the maintenance of regulations will be essential. Since the study of Korean reunification legislation so far has revolved around research into North Korean law itself, it is time to focus on ‘reunification laws’ with action plans that

Vital Signs? Check.

Welcome to NKR Vital Signs. The blog of North Korean Review's new website. The contents herein do not necessarily reflect the views of Yonsei or Yonsei Insititute of North Korean Studies. Rather, this forum is intended to discuss topics related to recent North Korean news, research, and policy. It is hoped that this blog will help bring fresh perspective to a long running debate on how to deal with North Korea and the complexities that its study presents Those wishing to submit a blog post can send their post to along with the author's contact info, bio, and recent photo.

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